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Our spirit rescue services focus on a combination of goals. A personalized cleansing and protection plan is created for each individual and situation. The spirit rescue plan includes the removal of energy cords and the release of spirits to help them Cross Over. The service is performed through a combination of techniques:


  • Spirit Mediumship

  • Christian or Jewish Prayer and Cleansing

  • Reiki Energy Healing and Clearing

Depending upon the need, a spiritual cleansing can take from 2-4 hours, including the blessing or, on rare occasions, exorcism of the individual and space (house, apartment, office, property, etc.).

The Cleansing Process

A spirit rescue medium will go from room to room, Crossing Over any Earthbound spiritual entities and clearing away any residual energy. Negative energies being projected towards the house and family will be grounded and removed. If portals or vortexes are present in the location, they will be closed. Each room is sealed off after its cleansing is completed, and the energy replaced with radiant light and positive imprints. We use Christian Prayers, energy techniques, and Reiki as part of the rituals to cleanse, seal, and protect.  Our clients are welcome to join us during our cleansing exercises throughout their home as well.

Once the inside of the house or building is cleared, the outside property is checked for any portals, ley lines or other issues. If the residence or business is for sale, a ritual is performed to assist with the sale. 

You will be taught protection techniques and will learn how to maintain the integrity of the energy in your house. You will also receive guidance on how to protect yourself and home from detrimental or negative neighbors or visitors. Aside from working with Spirit Guides and radiant light, the medium may also perform certain rituals to help release negative energy and to keep the protection in place.


Please keep in mind that you didn't get this way overnight, so don't expect to get rid of this overnight.  No healer can and should make guarantees as the success of these healing depends on many factors. The cleansing is successful at removing a spirit on any given day, however some people have found that things like fear or continued spiritual work can attract spirits back immediately, even if not on purpose. Therefore, it is just as important to help clients work on themselves.

​An effective spiritual cleansing includes energy healing to clear and balance your energy field to help restore your grounding and defenses. After the healing, we will work together to form a plan to step back into your power, with spiritual guidance and energetic procedures. Life coaching techniques are incorporated into this treatment. You will be guided in your spiritual/religious path.  

​A realistic evaluation will be made about how this could have happened and whether you had a role to play in this affliction, such as permission granted to an energy to work with you or whether your practices and actions invited such an attack.  Steps will be share with you on how to revoke permission and maintain the integrity of your space.

In the case of a possible psychosis or treatment with a doctor or psychiatrist, you will be informed to NOT cease treatment or medication unless the directive is given to you by your doctor. If you are referred by a doctor, please bring along the referral note.

Call or email us with the size of your house, number of rooms, the amount of levels in your house or business, as well as the address.  We will give you a quote related to the service, time, and materials required.

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